Monday, 1 October 2012

[WALLPAPERS]4000+ Ultimate HD Wallpapers For Mobile (HDPI/MDPI/LDPI)

I have had an interest in collecting wallpapers and have a huge collection of HD wallpapers which I thought of sharing with you guys. Having a habbit of changing wallpapers almost every 1 or 2 days :laugh: :p :highfive: are the phones which belong to users having interest in them. Even I'm included in the list :P

So, I decided to make sure that this collection is reached to more and more people and I have just come forward to share this with you.
The files are uploaded to, most users don't have any problem in downloading it from here. But if there is any, please comment below.

I have tried and made sure that almost all the wallpapers are categorized properly so that users of xda can download their required choice from this sorted list. I have also made sure that the zipped files are as much compressed as possible, making the smallest size possible.

These wallpapers will work on HDPI phones and main purpose of posting in Samsung Galaxy S3 forum is because of its extreme awesomely developed screen with full HD support.

Here are some rules : :P

1. Don't take credit of getting these wallpapers downloaded :P Even, I won't. :)

3. If you guys have any wallpaper that is worth sharing, please post over here and let everyone enjoy them :)
Addition to this rule : You guys can even post the best wallpaper you liked from my collection. Users can take advantage of extra information while downloading particular zip file.

4. If you like this post please subscribe to it.

5. FEEDBACKS/SUGGESTIONS ARE MOST WELCOMED. FEEDBACKS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED. I will be accepting your request and will be looking forward to make sure it is fulfilled ;)

6. Try to make this blog active so that more and more users get to get this zips and have fun. :)

So, here is the list of all the HD Wallpapers that I have collected ( The Screens will be available soon ).

3D HD :

3D+HD+1-100.rar - 23.10 MB

3D+HD+101-200.rar - 12.77 MB

3D+HD+201-300.rar - 12.69 MB

Aitcraft :

Aircraft+1-100.rar - 12.18 MB

Aircraft+101-200.rar - 24.31 MB

Android :

Android+1-100.rar - 55.46 MB

Animals :

Animals+1-100.rar - 19.10 MB

Animals+101-200.rar - 23.61 MB

Animated :

Animated+1-100.rar - 34.93 MB

Animated+101-200.rar - 19.59 MB

Animated+201-300.rar - 21.26 MB

Animated+301-400.rar - 20.83 MB

Animated+401-500.rar - 19.29 MB

Animated+501-600.rar - 21.02 MB

Animated+601-700.rar - 25.16 MB

Animated+701-800.rar - 19.84 MB

Animated+801-900.rar - 20.96 MB

Animated+901-1000.rar - 26.77 MB

Animated+1001-1100.rar - 23.13 MB

Animated+1101-1200.rar - 27.51 MB

Animated+1201-1300.rar - 19.61 MB

Beaches And Island :

Beaches+And+Island+1-100.rar - 23.33 MB

Beaches+And+Island+101-200.rar - 24.16 MB

Beaches+And+Island+201-300.rar - 25.43 MB

Black And White :

Black+And+White+1-100.rar - 7.46 MB

Black+and+White+101-200.rar - 18.19 MB

Black+And+White+201-300.rar - 18.71 MB

Celebrities :

Celebrities ( Female ) [Hollywood"> :

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood">+1-100.rar - 18.70 MB

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood">+101-200.rar - 19.87 MB

Celebrities+( Female )+[Hollywood">+201-300.rar - 20.80 MB

Celebrities ( Female ) [Hollywood"> :

Celebrities+( Male )+[Hollywood">+1-100.rar - 19.15 MB

Christmas :

Christmas+1-100.rar - 30.36 MB

Christmas+101-200.rar - 29.08 MB

Christmas+201-300.rar - 30.82 MB

DBZ ( off course it isn't childish :D :D ) :

DBZ+1-100.rar - 20.36 MB

LandScape And Nature :

LandScape+And+Nature+1-100.rar - 28.52 MB

LandScape+And+Nature+101-200.rar - 32.08 MB

LandScape+And+Nature+201-300.rar - 31.53 MB

Smilies :

Smilies+1-100.rar - 2.67 MB

Smilies+101-200.rar - 2.74 MB

Smilies+201-300.rar - 2.62 MB

Operating Systems And Softwares :

Operating+Systems+and+Softwares+1-100.rar - 11.89 MB

Universe :

Universe+1-100.rar - 30.22 MB

Universe+101-200.rar - 29.05 MB

Universe+201-300.rar - 29.83 MB

The post will be updated with more and more wallpapers every week if this thread is a success :) So, stay tuned and Have Fun.


1. Google Image ( Thanks a lot it exists ;) )

2. Zedge, Mobango, freewallpapers

3. Best Wallpaper HD App and PicSpeedWallpaper App

4. XDA ( BIG Thanks to the themers and custom wallpaper creators on xda, love you all for what you guys have done )

6. DevHost for giving me storage space for uploading the wallpapers. I am glad that this great website exists.

7. Thanks to ketan.k who have provided me with over 100 hd wallpapers which are included in the above zip files.

If anyone is left out, I am sorry for that. Sometimes it happens. Make sure that user comment here that one of these wallpapers are created by them, and I will surely add those great guys on the credit lists.