Friday, 31 August 2012

[GUIDE]Free Easy Recharge Mobile

Recharge Mobile Number free. There are 2 methods which actually benefit and quite famous for giving free recharge by either playing games, or posting stuffs on facebook/twitter or even by email.

Method 1:

Get free mobile recharge for playing games online! You don't have to complete any survey or fill up registration form many times to get points. Just play games for 6 minutes and you'll get points. Also you can refer friends and for every referral visits, you get points (no need to signup).

I know its interesting, yes its so easy and get free recharge for any Indian mobile. Its 100% legit site and I have already got much topups from the site. Just play, share referral links on Facebook and enjoy :)

Here is the link. Just sign up from the below link and start earning recharges.

Free Recharge by playing online Games

There are a free benefits:
1. You play games :P Enjoy and have fun.

2. Get recharge after enjoying the games ;)

You'll receive sms notification when your account is recharged successfully. Signup now and have fun.

Method 2:

The other site is, you guys must have heard about this famous website which is known for sending free messages to any mobile phone with a character limit of 160 characters, but yeah, unlimited smsing. Great is not it.
Let's come to the point. They have started this new service which can benefit the users who have signed up for it. Users have 3 choices, either share and win or email and win and the whole new service which is refer and win.

1. Share and win: Share the ads that are available on the site to either facebook or twitter and when the person clicks onto the link, you get paid.

2. Email and win: It is similar to share and win. The only difference is that you have to email few of your friends and when they click the links, you get paid.

3. Refer and win: It is a new service. When you refer your friend through the referral link provided by the site, you get paid.

So, below is the link to the site and you can start recharging ;)

Free Easy Recharge Link 1 Or Free Easy Recharge Link 2


  1. Both the methods of free recharge is enough good but i like to recharge on Facebook.Because it is easy to force friends to register on FacebooK application of Recharge mobiles.

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  2. For online recharging one only needs to have internet at home and any mode of payment like credit, debit card at home or office. by Recharge Mobile Online customer gets many offers by the recharging companies.

  3. different easy recharge options offers customers different offers and its time saving..thnx for sharing the methods of online recharge...